Audio stage “The King’s Friend”. ACT I

The script “The King’s Friend” in the form of an audio stage. Primarily tailored for individuals with visual deficiencies or blindness. It could also captivate producers and directors during journeys or while at the wheel. Act One is complete, and I am currently crafting Act Two. To be continued.

The Diet of Ancient Sumerians and Akkadians

Today, we delve into the dietary habits of the ancient Sumerians and Akkadians.

To thrive, the Sumerians mastered the art of constructing canals and dams. They know how to transcend the whims of nature and river floods. For three millennia, hunger was a rare occurrence.

Sumerian&Akkadian Introduction

Few people know about the Sumerian ruler, Godlike King of the Universe Shulgi-Sin. Under his rule, forty censures ago, ancient Sumerian society had attained its most splendor and prosperity.
The author of the novel “Namtar” and the screenplay “The King’s Friend” tells in an accessible form about the magnificent period of prosperity of the Sumerian civilization in a series of lecture videos.

Bridge Festival. Varna 2023

Sporting bridge – an amazing game!

The idea of learning the rules of bridge and mastering this complex game had been in the air for a long time. For several years, a book on bridge (which later turned out to be for advanced players) lay untouched on the shelf. An unopened deck of cards, specifically purchased for the game, gathered dust. It was time to take the first step towards realizing this idea. As often happens, messages and news about bridge started catching my eye.

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