Family History

 In Kazakhstan, there is a concept called “Zhettu Ata,” which refers to the knowledge of seven or more generations of one’s male lineage. Those who do not possess this knowledge are derogatorily referred to as “mankurts” – people without memory.

The term “mankurt” originated in ancient Steppe. In those times, there was a gruesome method of executing individuals guilty of crimes – they would have the stomach of a dissected ram placed over their heads and be left tied under the scorching sun until the animal’s skin began to contract around their heads. After a certain period, people would either perish or go mad from the bites of horseflies, flies, and pain.

We are not “mankurts,” and we remember our ancestors. Hopefully, our descendants will remember us as well.

We are creating our own history, and it is unfolding at this very moment.


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