31st October 2013, on our son Nikita’s birthday, we launched our family website. The idea had been floating in the air for a long time. Our computer archives and other memory devices accumulated a vast amount of textual information, scanned archival photographs, including those of our ancestors, analog and digital photos, video recordings, and so on.

The main goal and idea behind creating a family portal was and still is to maintain the connection between generations, to remember our ancestors, and to pass on our family information to our descendants, which will soon become history for them, but already for our followers.

Every person is mortal, and very often, their departure is sudden. After the end of a person’s life journey, only the memory of them remains. Man-made monuments do not last forever, but the memory stored on information carriers, passed from generation to generation, becomes a tremendous resource for the family and clan for centuries.

A person cannot become vile if they care about the history of their family and ancestors. Rather, they will strive not to disgrace the memory of their ancestors and to enhance their good deeds with their own.

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