Fishing in the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

In the summer and especially in the autumn, the Black Sea becomes the season for sea fishing, which differs from fishing in freshwater bodies. Fishing from the pier, or “from the quay,” offers an exciting dynamic and thrill. The sea is home to various predatory fish species that bite with special intensity. Even if the catch is not always huge, the process of fishing and battling with the fish adds a unique energy and excitement.

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From late September until December, there is active fishing for Ilaria and Kefal (Mullet), followed by Zargana (Mackerel) and Safrid (Horse Mackerel), Black Sea Sprat, and Lefter (Bluefish).

The most desirable trophy for us is Zargana (Mackerel). Here is how it looks on the table.


There are more options for fishing from a boat in the sea. You can change locations using a sonar, try trolling, and adjust your tackle and bait.

Once, we set out early in the morning to the sea near Sveti Vlas. This beautiful place is located 90 km from Varna, not far from the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Black Sea – Nessebar.

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That’s interesting! The first two to three hours were slow without any bites. Then, on the boat, we decided that whoever catches the first fish treats the whole group to lunch. Luckily, it was me. After that first catch, the fishing luck turned around… We caught some delicious black sea bream in just a couple of hours.

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And finally, here’s a link to a short video clip.

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