Pitch “The King’s Friend”

Tagline:       Apprehend your longings

Logline:       Amidst the enigmatic Sumerian world, power, ambition, love and betrayal collide. Can one determined man overcome treacherous odds in his pursuit of the godlike king’s favor?

Sumerian’s Literacy

The world’s oldest known writing system traces its roots back to Mesopotamia. Surviving accounts of the Sumerian civilization are preserved on clay tablets etched with cuneiform script.

Unlike papyrus, parchment, or paper, clay withstands fire, solidifying rather than burning. Unearthed Sumerian tablets, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, offer a wealth of insights into humanity’s ancient history.

Sumerians Journey

Long ago, four millennia past, a lost Sumerian civilization thrived.

Its mysteries remained hidden until the late 19th century, when scholars decoded its ancient script. Over the subsequent 150 years, this vanished civilization has unveiled numerous enigmas.

In my series of brief lectures, audiences can uncover fascinating relics from our planet’s distant history. I anticipate that many will glean fresh insights and instinctively juxtapose that era with our own. Spoiler alert: little has altered since those ancient times.